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My Dad David died 10.09.13 aged 69. He had a huge love of the countryside. He loved walking and was a keen angler. I was desperate to find and own an object that summed Dad up, after an insightful conversation with a friend, I remembered his walking boots. This set me thinking... How about stepping into them and going for a walk somewhere with a body of water (sea, river, lake, canal, pond, tarn...) and stunning, just as Dad would have wanted.... Here I go in 'My Dad's Boots'

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Lake District - Rannerdale Knotts and Crummock Water

This month's MDB walk gave me a perfect opportunity to view three of Lakeland's finest fishing waters, Buttermere, Crummock Water and Loweswater, all within a 360° panoramic view from the summit of a perfect little Lakeland Fell. The other treats of the day included the most awe-inspiring and dramatic fell scenery, which started as I drove there. I was also able to bag my second MDB Wainwright, Rannerdale Knotts and take in a circular walk of the larger of the three Lakes, Crummock Water. I'm unsure if Dad ever came here but I do know Dad would have loved this place, in the true spirit of MDB I know Dad was enjoying every minute of the day with me too. The photos I have taken look as though they have been taken on different days, the weather in The Lakes, being as it is, started off cloudy and drizzly, developed into a beautiful sunny afternoon and then on to a glorious evening full of magical light.

I started the day by parking at the base of Rannerdale Knotts in a little free Car Park, behind a wall, near Hause Point. There is a larger alternative parking place at Cinderdale Common. Once I had pulled on MDB and set myself up for the day I walked only a few yards to find the well signposted path at the base of Rannerdale Knotts. 

The path is fairly steep to start and it takes you straight up a well trodden path. Roughly half way up you are faced with a section of scree, to the right a narrow and very steep path takes you on further. The third part of the ascent involves a steep banking and rocky outcrops. 

Then you reach the summits. There are two, a lesser one and the true one with the cairn on top. As you climb up you are treated to glimpses of the panoramic delight that awaits you on top.... Once you make it to the summit it does not disappoint! Buttermere and Crummock Water

Loweswater in the distance and Crummock Water

As with Holme Fell on my last Lake District MDB visit these fells may not possess the stature of their better known larger neighbours but the views they afford are truly knock out. Wainwright was rather taken with the southeasterly view at the far end of Buttermere; this view offers ten principle fells, from left to right, High Snockrigg, Honister Crag, Fleetwith Pike, Brandreth, Green Gable, Great Gable, Haystacks, Broad Crag, Kirk Fell, High Crag and below it all Warnscale Bottom. Haystacks being, in my opinion, the most notable as it was one Wainwright's favourites. All told you can view 23 fells from the summit of Rannerdale Knotts.

The descent takes you on a longer, greener, less steep path, through bracken, along Low Bank towards the village of Buttermere via High House Crag. 

When you reach the road in the village you walk a little way along and take a right at the Bridge Hotel just over the Mill Beck Bridge. Walk on a short way until you see a path to the left of the most aptly named Pub on a MDB walk 'The Fish'.... I didn't stop this time, but later in the day I did return.

This path takes you across the small strip of agricultural land that divides Crummock Water and Buttermere. At the end of the path there is a lovely little stone bridge, Scale Bridge, that spans Buttermere Dubs. A view from Scale Bridge back toward Buttermere Village is well worth a backward glance.

Take a right once over the bridge and this is where the circuit of Crummock Water begins. The path is a rough and inconsistent all the way round, but this is to be expected in these parts. Along the path you pass over a series of little foot bridges. A view back of Fleetwith Pike.

The whole way along the western side of Crummock Water the looming Mellbreak flanks your left hand side. Wainwright commented on the undeniable synergy between Crummock Water and Mellbreak. 

Appropriately, in this environment a Rowan or Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucupaira) grows well by a foot bridge at the base of Mellbreak.

Over Crummock Water.... Left to right, Lad Hows, Whiteless Pike and Rannerdale Knotts in front.

High Ling Crag and the peninsula of Low Ling Crag, with it's calm beach to the left and it's choppy beach to the right.

Low Ling Crag calm beach to Rannerdale Knotts. 

Rannerdale Knotts is a constant feature the whole way around.

The beaches at Low Ling Crag are not the only ones. The little remote beach at the head of Crummock Water is simply perfect. 

The Pump House, Whiteside and Lanthwaite Wood in front. 

Over Park Beck looking toward Grasmoor.

The path continues through Lanthwaite Wood and a series of lovely little pebble beaches, where the water was lapping gently upon the shore. 

The Boat House and Loweswater Fell.

Continue along the path heading toward Rannerdale Knotts. 

Eventually you end up, back on the B5289 Rannerdale to Buttermere Road at Cinderdale Common. Walk along a short way along the road, being aware of the local Herdwick Sheep as you go.

Wow.... What a remarkable walk. A truly wonderful day out. I'm sure Dad would have heartily approved, especially with my final move back to 'The Fish' in Buttermere for some well earned refreshment! 

This, I know will not be the final MDB outing to The Lake District, there are plenty more fishing Lakes, and some Tarns to be visited.... Oh and MDB Wainwright number 3! Best get MDB cleaned up. x

Map: Bing and Ordnance Survey

NB: Ta Phil!


  1. Helen Paterson30 July 2014 at 21:00

    I don't think you've gone far enough. lol :o) Wow, you've covered some ground on this walk. The photos are amazing, you'd think you've got a qualification in photography. lol :o) Lovin' the, "Tek care Lambs ont road" sign lol :o) Fab post as usual. <3 U. H xox

  2. Excellent, loved it. Almost as good as being there. x


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